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Research + Projects


RCA MA Writing: Alumni Talks Series with Natalie Ferris

A recording of a talk about the making of Bricks from the Kiln #4, given with Natalie Ferris as part of the Alumni Talks Series hosted by MA Writing at the Royal College of Art in February 2021.


Bricks from the Kiln #4

Co-edited by Natalie Ferris, Matthew Stuart and Andrew Walsh-Lister, BFTK #4: On Translation, Transmission and Transposition existed initially as a series of presentations, live events and texts in circulation taking place across 2019–2020, before being transcribed and supplemented as a printed issue. Featuring: Helen Marten, 'Greening'; Sophie Collins, 'Joy & Happiness, Fidelity & Intimacy in Translation'; Don Mee Choi, 'Planetary Translation'; Kate Briggs, 'Translation and a Lipogram: Or, On Forms of Again-Writing and No- (or Not That-) Writing'; Phil Baber, 'Unhoming: Following Hölderlin's "Heimat"'; Joyce Dixon, 'Snow White and the White of Human Eyeballs'; Florian Roithmayr, 'Altamiraaltamiraltanira'; Jen Calleja, 'Level Up, Level Down'; J.R. Carpenter, 'TRANS.MISSION [A DIALOGUE]; Edgar Wind (w/ annotations by BQ & NF), 'The Mechanisation of Art; Rebecca Collins, 'Commission for a Noir Movie B in the Bay of Biscay'; Naomi Pearce, 'Every Contact Leaves a Trace; Transcribing OSTEON'; Karen Di Franco, 'How does a work end?'; James Bulley, 'Metonymy Op.1 & Op.2'; Saki Mafundikwa, 'Afrikan Alphabets Extended'; Natalie Ferris, 'Susan Hiller: 1983'; Matthew Stuart, 'Every telling has a taling/Every story has an ending'; James Langdon, 'Graphic Proprioception'; Bryony Quinn with Peter Nencini, 'Tunnelling and Aggregating for Design Research'; Sophie Seita, 'Let it Percolate: A Manifesto for Reading'; Caroline Bergvall, 'VIA: 48 Dante Variations (2000–2020)—A New Inferno'; Seb McLauchlan, 'A Note on the Type'; Maria Fusco, 'To See and Know More'.


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Marion Richardson: Writing as Pattern

As part London Design Festival 2019 and the 'Women in Print Study Day: Marie Neurath and Her Contemporaries' held at House of Illustration, I talked about Marion Richardson, the early twentieth century design educator and children's art movement pioneer, and her instructional books Writing & Writing Patterns.

The Spaces In-between / A Map to Fall Through

A series of texts on naming and places and place names presented between screenings, readings, talks and sound works. Part of a one-day programme—A Map to Fall Through—curated by Failed States for Arcade East.

Shall we clear the air? / Sadness is a no go-zone

Poster collaboration with Studio Ard (Guillaume Chuard & Daniel Kang Yoon Nørregaard) for Adaptive Capacity's climate art show, held in Copeland Gallery, Peckham.


Bricks from the Kiln #4 Symposium

Co-organised a symposium at London College of Communication (June 2019) for Bricks from the Kiln #4 on the themes of the journal—translation, transmission and transposition, between text and non-text, by humans and/or machines—together with BFTK editors Matthew Stuart, Andrew Walsh-Lister, and #4 co-editor Natalie Ferris).


Marion Richardson: Writing & Writing Patterns

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Research paper on pattern and education presented at 'Decriminalising Ornament', 9th Illustration Research Symposium, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

Bevels, Bypasses

Typographic installations across sites in collaboration with Peter Nencini. Produced for the Fungus Press residency, Turf Projects, Croydon, London. (Photo by Tim Bowditch.)


Exquisite Punctuation

A presentation of consequential punctuation for Hidden Women in Design, London

Meaning Shifting: Metaphor & Design

Keynote conference presentation for ‘With a Shift, Simultaneous Realities Collide’, Graphic Design Educators Network, London College of Communication, London.

Digression (as a mode of attention)

Keynote symposium presentation for ‘In the Age of’,  MA Graphic and Media Design symposium, London College of Communication, London.


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Oblique / Oblike

This project is a collection of essays and talks devoted to obliquity. Subjects have been chosen for their conceptual, logical, textural and metaphorical potential, and the nature of oblique as both a subject and a method allows for tangential associations between ideas, theory and images. This is the final major research project completed for MA Critical Writing in Art & Design at the Royal College of Art and was awarded the CWAD annual writing prize. (Oblique glyphs by Peter Nencini.)


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Selected Writing


Etymology: South

An etymology of ‘South’, written as a regular feature for Failed States #4.


Tunnelling and Aggregating for Design Research

A set of texts (working with visuals by Peter Nencini) that attempt to define metaphors for design research, which are borrowed from the built environment and the techniques used to construct them. Part of an ongoing collaboration between writing and designing, the transposition of ideas and actions, and the construction of a visual theory tentatively named 'hypercontext'. Published in Bricks from the Kiln #4. 


A Refractive (Re)view

An essay co-authored with fellow MA GMD (LCC) tutors together with participants past and present (Paul Bailey, Tony Credland, Katie Evans, Ricardo Goncalves, Gabriela Matusyck, Carlos Romo-Melgar, Naomi Strinati, Jia Xiao and Roxy Zeiher) on the notion of a design course as a piece of design that uses refraction, and not only reflection, as a methodology. Published in One and Many Mirrors: Perspectives on Graphic Design Education (edited by Brad Haylock) published by Occasional Papers


Rare bird economics: White-throated Needletail

An essay on the sighting of a White-throated Needletail—the fastest free-flying bird in the world—that flew into a wind-turbine on Harris in 2013. The text was commissioned by James Langdon for a book/seminar at HfG Karlsruhe titled Rare bird economics


Etymology: Refuge

‘Refuge’ is the first in a regular feature for Failed States, writing an etymology for the issue theme.

Essay & Audio Recording


A Typographic Chronicle of Stops and Starts

An indirect history of the forward slash, featuring Samuel Beckett, sinister strokes and other obliquities. For Bricks from the Kiln issue 3.


Cutteslowe Walls

A divisive wall and a divorce. For the ‘suburb’ issue of Failed States.



Micronesian Stick Charts

Maps of invisible phenomena that must be memorised before navigating the real world. For the inaugural issue of Failed States themed ‘island’.

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An etymology of the term ‘Albertopolis’ — the ‘facetious appellation’ given to the area of South Kensington built with the proceeds of the Great Exhibition in 1851. Published in the book Albertopolis Companion (RCA, 2015).


G a p s

Spaces between things in the Turner Contemporary museum. Part of a collaborative writing project between the Turner Contemporary, David Chipperfield Architects, and the RCA. Illustrated by Billie Muraben.

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October 2020 — present

Visiting Lecturer

MA Visual Communication
Royal College of Art

Tutor on the Situated Practice unit 'Lore & Ware' with Peter Nencini and Mireille Fauchon.

October 2017 — present

Contextual Studies Module Leader & Lecturer

BA Graphic Design,
University of East London

Leading and delivering lectures and seminars across undergraduate levels.

October 2016 — present

Associate Lecturer

MA Graphic and Media Design,
London College of Communication

Research-related sessions augmenting final major projects:

— Critical Reading as Design Research: a series of seminars and workshops that aim to widen the cultural field for design research to inc. literature, journalism, poetry, etc

— Critical Concept Paper research methodologies and writing workshops

A Line Which Forms a Volume: a critical reader and symposium of graphic design-led research that is edited, written, designed and published by participants of the MA GMD programme. (Image via Grafik)

October 2016 — present

Dissertation Supervisor

BA Illustration,
Camberwell College of Arts

Supervising undergraduate theses.


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Selected Editing

Copy Editor & Proofreader

Ali Kazim — Traces

Artist book

Edited by Anita Dawood, published by Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai.

Copy Editor 

Beautiful World, where are you?
2018 Liverpool Biennial publication

Published by Art Books Publishing Ltd, London.

Copy Editor

The Vulgar: Fashion Redefined

Barbican Gallery exhibition book

Published by Koenig Books, London.


Unravelling Persuasion

Breaking News

From Visionaries to Vloggers

Media Majlis at Nortwestern University in Qatar catalogues

Published by Akkadia Press, Edinburgh.


The NYU Abu Dhabi Art Gallery: 2014–2019

New York University Abu Dhabi book

Published by Akkadia Press, Edinburgh

Copy Editor & Proofreader

Glossary of Undisciplined Design


Edited by Anja Kaiser and Rebecca Stephany, published by Spector Books.


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(2015) MA Critical Writing in Art & Design

Royal College of Art

Recipient of the 2015 Critical Writing prize

(2010) BA Illustration